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Ecology interactions:?

If a flower is home to many insects that an animal eats. In the flower, there is an insect (insect A) that forms a mutualistic relationship with the flower. There is also bacteria on plant that cause holes in the flower's leaves. However, chemicals from insect A stop the bacteria. There is also another insect (insect B) that utilizes the flower's nectar and is herbivorous. Insect A also uses nectar. Insect A can also attack insect B. There is another insect C that uses the nectar of the flower but does not help the plant in its fight against herbivores and does not use chemicals.

What is the interaction between the following (mutualism, predation, competition, herbivory, amensalism, comensalism, parasitism, exploitation)?

Bird and flower?

The interaction between insect A and insect B?

Insect A and bacteria?

Bacteria and Flower?

Insect C and Flower?

Insect B and Flower?

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