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What is a good program for Windows to edit video for burning to DVD?

I used to have a Mac and would use iMovie and iDVD extensively, but since that computer finally died, I'm struggling to find something comparable to use for transferring cell video to a DVD format that doesn't break the bank. I'm not huge on special effects, but I do like editing chapter marks and menus. Thanks.

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    First, a paragraph of important introduction before the direct answer. Apple Macbooks are very expensive for the hardware you get. Although they use some very high quality parts, their hardware performance and reliability is nowhere near their price point. They have a software package with some value and to get equivalents, freeware gets some features but may also not be as canned simple to use, so you may decide to have to pay for low cost licensing of software depending upon how satisfied you are with freeware. Also, one issue is compatibility with operating systems and software interaction. By massive use and testing, the Apple software is very limited so runs clean. However, even cheap old laptops are capable of basic video editing and conversion to DVD format. Beware of unwanted add-ons in freeware at installation.  Ordered now in more and more features and complexity of software--

    For simplest conversion and burning of PC to DVD

    CDBURNERXP (May need Win-10 compatibility mode) where you create iso formats to burn. Remember to Finalize for DVD-R vs not necessary for DVD+R. Almost no editing, this is called authoring and burning. And a wiki page of options-

    For taking movies and adding chapters and other standard basic DVD features,

    DVD Styler

    DVD Flick

    You can google search "Alternatives to DVD Flick for Windows" to find more.

    To step up to video editing features,

    Lightworks does have a minimalist free version


    Hitfilm Express

    And then reading about other software if these don't please you.

    I know there are online video editors, but I don't trust the upload of personal files so if you are of an age of "internet is very safe", feel free to search for online video editing using their fancy software and servers to speed processes and get even more.

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    I did a lot of work in the Ulead products in the past. They are far easier to use than photshop etc, but are very effective. I believe that Ulead was taken over by Corel, so check if Corel has any video editing apps.

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