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job ideas for animal group role plays?

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I’m trying to make my own version of a group system for animal group role plays, almost like the one in warriors but different. My idea is to have 3 roles within every group (like guards for example) that they train in and do everyday. But I’m having a hard time thinking of enough roles that would work for most animals. 

I have a lot of ideas of small jobs that they do, but a lot of them don’t seem like it’d take enough time or need to be done often enough. Guards is the only job so far that feels long enough and necessary enough for every animal. But others are just problematic. 

I have hunters as a possibility, problem is though that not all animals hunt so I’d need something to replace that for herbivores. 

I then have several smaller jobs like: healing, gathering, babysitting young, fixing/expanding shelters, and cleaning. But most of these are small and don’t need to be done all to often. 

So I’m looking for more ideas of jobs that take some time to complete and need to be done at least once a day. Thanks to anyone for the help.

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