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Need help picking out a gift!!?

This person is wanting to do digital art or CGI type stuff, and I wanted to get a gift that might help with that. He really wants an iPad, but those can be quite expensive. Are there any ideas on something that could be meaningful? He's a 17-year-old. 

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    well, iPad Pros are very good for that, but I don't think they get very cheap even in the older models, so it's fair to not want to get one of those. Assuming he has a computer, I'd strongly recommend a wacom; they're tablets that will hook up to a computer, and work very well for digital art. There's some more expensive ones, but also some that are around 50$, so you'd be able to pick something within your price range, most likely. A lot of digital art programs cost money on their own, especially for the computer, so if he doesn't know any, I've heard FireAlpaca is good as far as free digital art programs go, and Blender3D is pretty good for free 3D modeling, if he's into that at all (although I'm not fully sure if the supports a stylus). hope that helps! 

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      Thank you so much. This is super helpful!!

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