How many holidays given to an ias officer in india?

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  • 2 months ago

    Whether it is private job or government job holidays are mandatory to spend time along with family, friends, and relatives as well. People like to go other places or vacations on holidays. For IAS officer’s holiday’s memorandum is given by a department of personnel and training, government of India. These are list of holidays given to an IAS officers. Republic day, independence day, mahatma Gandhi, Buddha purnima, Christmas day, dussehra(vijaya dashami), Diwali(deepawali), good Friday, guru nanak birthday, eid ul fitr eid ul juha, mahavir javani, mehram, prophet Muhammad’s birthday(eid-e- milad). With addition every employee can take two holidays from optional based on his/her choices

    for more info:IAS Coaching Info - Blog


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