What’s wrong with my Wii U? ?

Okay, so I’ve replaced the battery, replaced the ac adapter. Nothing works on this Wii U console. Please note, not the game pad. I for the life of me cannot find anything anywhere.and sending it in for repairs is out of the question. Can any good tech please tell me what’s wrong here. 


Also forgot to mention that it has been sitting few about a year unused.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    No tech is that good what we can diagnose a problem without seeing it.

    You'll have to give it to a "good tech" to be figured out.  AKA: Sending it in for repairs.

    • Roger2 months agoReport

      damn I was hoping I could describe the issue and that would be enough 😂. Everything I find about it is just adapter issues. Thx anyway. 

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