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Is HALO formula 1 ugly?

Everyone find halo ugly and i see that they put esthetic before safety, no doubt that halo save charles lecler in spa of that could be probably a major injury. But not me, for me f1 cars are more beautiful with halo. 

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  • 1 week ago

    Ive been watching F1 since the early 90's, there have been a lot stupid innovations in that time (like the ugly proboscis nose cones) and I thought halo would be yet another. My gut feeling is that it was a knee jerk reaction to Jules Bianchis accident and F1 needed to be seen to be doing "something" in the name of safety should another similar head collision occur...though I think JB would have been seriously if not fatally injured even if his car had a halo. There have been a number of other head strike fatalities, most of them in indy car, but also Henry Surtees in the F2. So probably time was running out for the open cockpit anyway...after all it exposes the most vulnerable part of the human body, despite the helmet.

    My thoughts at the time the halo was announced was that they should have gone with a transparent screen, similar to indy, because it would look better. I now recant that opinion because the indycar solution is, in a word, hideous. The indycar doesnt even look like and open cockpit car anymore, it looks more like an ugly drawing from a kid coloring book by an artist that has never really watched racing. The still most hated part of the halo for me is the strut directly in front of the driver. Surely this part could be done better. But its still definitely the least ugly of the ugly solutions on offer.

    The first race where the halo was fitted I remember thinking that the cars looked ugly. But by the end of the race meet you had pretty much forgotten they were there and its stayed that way since. I still think they should have just conceded defeat and called time on the open cockpit era and just enclosed the cabin. I think really open cockpits are on life support and in the not too distant future will be regulated out.

    I think enclosing the cockpit and wheels will be the future in F1. Given the cars are heavily aerodynamically dependant and will never go back to mostly mechanical grip on the bounds of safety, it makes sense. The exposed helmet and wheels must give designers so many sleepless nights coming up with how to deal with the horrid mess of turbulent air these components create.

    Source(s): 30 years of armchair F1 expertise :D
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  • 3 months ago

    I suppose I'm now used to it but when they were first introduced, no, I thought they looked ugly.   And watching the drivers clamber out at the end of a race still bothers me about how fast they CAN get out, if needs be.   Yes in some instances, it clearly protects them however.

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  • 3 months ago

    This year the halo looks better because they have matched it with the rest of the car. The mercedes in particular. I've gotten used to it now and don't find it ugly

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