Does anyone know if Ohio Casting is legit?

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago
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    Based on a quick look at the website, they sound legit. But bear in mind that we're talking about local projects, mostly indies, student films, and stage plays. Nothing national, nothing that serious (like national TV shows and studio movies). - To audition for projects like that you'd need a good agent and to live in LA or NYC (where the industry is, aka "Hollywood"). No legit agent takes on amateurs or beginners, only highly-trained and highly-experienced talented people with a strong resume to back that up. 

    So if you're an aspiring actor who's been building their resume in order to later on move to LA or NYC and be considered by potential agents, those local acting jobs are a good way to start getting the experience required. It's okay if you wanna audition for local stuff for fun, but if you expect to become a star out of it, I'm afraid that's just not how it works. So I'd think twice before drawing the credit card. Also because some of those gigs you could find on your own for free (for example, you could call the film department of a local school, or a community theater, and ask if they hold any auditions that may be right for you). Also, note that this is not an agency and doesn't act like one. If someone asks you for money upfront claiming they're an agent or whatever -  they're not legit. Agents make money only if and when their clients book a job. 

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  • Mark
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    7 months ago

    Looks similar to Minnesota Playlist, which I've used to cast my play (non-paying).

    Okay to get some local experience.

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