Can I work for two separate fast food restaurants?

Mom is about to kick me out so I quickly applied to almost every fast food job in the city. Just got hired at Wendy's four days ago and Subway just called me up 15 minutes ago. Should I have told the person who called me from Subway that I was already hired at Wendy's?

I have already agreed to meet with them tomorrow for the interview. I would feel bad if I was wasting their time. Do you think they will let me work at subway if I already have another fast food job? I would love to have something else to do. In not doing anything else. Being paid for it is perfect too since I have no idea how my schedule is going to be for Wendy's. I haven't even started working there yet. My orientation is on Dec 3, 2019.

Also, do I have to tell my hiring manager at Wendy's that I hot hired at another place if subway does decide to hire me? I feel so bad.. The hiring manager asked me if I was available and if she needed me she could call me and I would be there and I said yes. This was before I got a call from subways today.. I don't know what to do. Kind of scared tbh.

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  • 11 months ago
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    Yes, you generally are allowed to work two jobs within the same sector however you need you designate one as your primary job and ask the other employer to work around your schedule

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  • Pearl
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    11 months ago

    i dont see why not but i would tell them so they know you need to go to another job too

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Can you?  Yes.

    < I would feel bad if I was wasting their time >

    they won't feel bad about wasting your time, don't worry about it.

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  • Eva
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    11 months ago

    It's going to be very difficult to schedule 2 fast food jobs unless you can get them to schedule you on different days. They want you to be available to cover when someone calls out and may want you to work more hours on some days.

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