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What's the documents that i can find in the internet?

In the US and UK?

Can we find that a person will marry, Certificate of birth etc?

2- Is familysearch as

3-How works the tree with numbers?


4-To have documents we have to go to each city, country or they send them?

5-How far can a person go in genealogy?

6-What's a DNA tree? Is it fair?

7-Where did south italians come from?

8-If you can't go on in the tree you are blocked in some people. What can be happening?

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    One of the most useful document is the Census returns - the Mormons digitized the entire England Census returns for 1881 but you can see others scanned in if you subscribe to There are accessible databases for births deaths and marriages for the UK. By the time you get back to the 18th century you may need to look at parish registers in the appropriate location, few of which are digitized. You should also try a general search, I found all the records of my grandmother's family which had been researched by somebody in Canada to where some of them had emigrated had been posted online.

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    85% of real records are not online neither for the US or UK...more and more are scanned every year and access to some of them is sold to the large genealogy businesses, like ancestry, FMP, familysearch.... it is still not possible to research your ancestry only online, it might give you a clue about what records to look for but in real research each and every event, of each and every person is proved by the real record

    1. Cerificates of bmd can only be purchased, you can't view them online, they are purchased from the Government office ( US and UK)

    2. Both are multi billion earning companies

    3. Trees are not research, that would be copy and pasting

    4 Depends what you are looking for, some will send you an email copy, some will post, some you pay and dwnload

    5 ONLY back to when records were started, however many records don't give enough proof information for family history 500 yrs in England( UK) but most people can't prove back more than 150-200 yrs because of lack of information on the record, water /fire damaged records or lost records

    6 DNA is a commercial entertainment product and is nothing to do with real a DNA tree is a tree made from entertainment results

    7 Obviously Southern Italy

    8 If you are copying trees you are not researching you ancestry at all, you are hoping the person has researched and proved/cited and 99% have not, they have just copied anything and everything they can find.......... so you are guaranteed if that is what you are doing you do not have your ancestors in your tree.

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  • 2 months ago

    You cannot find documents on the internet, only porn

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