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Which zodiac sign of each group would be most likely to be Aerospace Engineers?

Fire Sign: Aries Leo or Sagittarius

Earth Sign: Taurus Virgo or Capricorn

Air Sign: Gemini Libra or Aquarius

Water Sign: Cancer Scorpio or Pisces

They may work for companies such as NASA, JAXA, Risk and Safety Assessment of Autonomous Systems, and more Aerospace-Related companies. They also are interested in commercial vehicles like airplanes and drones. They are fascinated by space and rocketry.

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    I did my admission test for it and passed and worked for the first year on an aerospace eng project. I also wrote a piece on astrophysics. 

    My sign is in winter. 

    I had a conference this Thursday about it but avoiding due to proximity to my plagiarist. I'd have to say winter people and cancer like Christina Koch and co. 

    My boss where I worked was born in early September. Later early January. So maybe those signs. I also was born in January but late. 

    I'd say least likely Leo (women) Pisces (man) Libra (man) and Scorpio women as they'd rather obstacle you than do that. If they did it would be through copying your work and competition only or to show off but not because of skill. 

    Scorpio man yes because my friend who worked on something similar is Scorpio. 

    It depends on the person. 

    Libra not because they are fanatic religious some. Some Leo and Scorpio girls for the same reason. But my Pisces former date's boss yes because he may have positive placements. He worked on microgravity. I asked him to work on that and told the Pisces at the time to work with him too. He only began working with him now. 

    Anyways, I do not care about that anymore as in the end you also look at whether a person is good or not.

    My brother also got interested in mars after I told him so Gemini too. But you are wrong classifying all air signs as the same. The other two air signs are nothing like that. 

    Sagittarius maybe not as they prefer art work and to stay on the safe side but anyone could of any sign. It depends on how open minded they are really.

    My other boss also was Aquarius and he worked on that. 

    Really categorizing Aquarius and Gemini as air signs like Libra is wrong as we are completely different. 


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  • Janet
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    2 months ago

    What you are calling their "zodiac sign" is actually only their Sun sign. And everyone has ALL 12 zodiac signs in their unique personal birth chart.

    Sun indicates how we try to find an inner sense of self-fulfillment. Nothing more than that.

    Career interests are shown by the Midheaven ... whatever Sign was at the "noon-position" in the sky at the minute that person was born, as seen from where they were born on Earth.

    So you look at:

    - the Sign on the Midheaven

    - the planet which "rules" that Sign ... which planet it is, what Sign it is in, what house it is in, and how it aspects any of the other 9 planets

    - any planets that were moving through the 10th house (that area of sky just to the east of the Midheaven): what planets they are, their Sign, their aspects

    Gaugelin found that the area west of the Midheaven (in the 9th house) often predicts career interest. So you can consider that part of the individual birthchart too.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Oh boy! A chance to use my magic 12 sided gaming die of randomness. This works best because astrology ignores statistics.

    Each number represents a sign. Here is the roll... Leo.

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