Thinking about moving from San Diego to El Paso?

I am retiring next year in San Diego and am considering our next step.  My wife would like our retirement to be in a larger home with more space, larger kitchen, walk in closets, space to have family over/stay, things she has always wanted but has never had in our SMALL five hundred thousand dollar home in San Diego.  However, trying to find a larger home with a larger lot in San Diego is just too cost prohibitive.   Our home now is small and not in the greatest neighborhood.

Anyway, I have been looking and thinking of places all around the USA and recently have just been looking at homes for sale in El Paso,Texas.  We could get a really nice looking home with a half acre to a few acres for not much more then what we currently have in San Diego right now. 

I guess what I am asking is this.  Would this be a move that would be good?  San Diego offers a lot, but we don't use the beaches or the mountains now.  We would still like to be near a big enough city so that there are lots of restaurant options, etc.  

It is mostly climate that is holding me here in San Diego and El Paso sound livable that way: low humidity, liight snow, not too many mosquitoes, etc.  

I would really like more yard space to putter around in with what years I have left, and my wife would like more home in which to do the same.

Any ideas, suggestions? 

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  • 3 months ago

    I liked El Paso when I was there.  Though, I really didn't live in the city.  I was in the military & stationed @ Ft. Bliss.  Las Cruces to the North might also be worth a look.  Summers are hot, and winters much colder than San Diego.  Though housing costs are much cheaper & traffic not nearly as bad.  

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  • 3 months ago

    If Texas appeals, I'd look at San Antonio or somewhere just outside it. Much more interesting place in every way. And closer to other interesting places, as well as being cheaper to fly to from many parts of the US. El Paso is a long way from much at all, with a long boring drive to get there or a relatively expensive feeder flight. I'd say San Antonio has a better climate too, unless you love extreme heat.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    I am from El Paso and wouldn't recommend you move there. It's surprisingly boring for a city of its size, and the cost of living is only low due to the city being poor, dirty, and undesirable.

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