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Are there websites for people who don't want to start "casually"; who want to wait for physical love?

I'm a very touchy person..I don't much like to connect to a person unless I get to really know then. However, all of the dating sites I've tried seem to be focused only on quickly formed, physical relations..I'm just not that guy.

I don't want to start relationships outside of online for this reason, either. I don't have any interest in people I know nothing about. I like bios, conversation topics and interests. I'm not going flirt with a person I know nothing about. I'm just not. 

Am I screwed all around? Does online (and/or dating in general) have to start with "casual" physical touch?

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    1. You need to choose one of the older more reputable dating sites, the kind that requires your real identity and a significant monthly free after a short trial period.

    2. You need rid yourself of that idea of having a relationship with someone you've never met. No matter how well two people may like each other from on line interactions, 30 seconds of real life face to face can reveal that wonderful person to be repulsive. Don't invest time or feelings into something that will likely be disappointing. If a lady's profile interests you, offer to come to her area and buy her ice cream, a drink, a coffee. DO not make a first meeting a "date." Make it 20 minutes to say hello. 

    IF (big if) you two hit it of FACE TO FACE, THEN you two arrange to spend more time together, start sharing info like interests and background. 

    No, you don't have to get any more physical than you feel comfortable with getting. If a lady you date doesn't like that you don't try to get all kissy face with her, she might not go out with you again. But that's just part of dating, that few first dates will lead to second dates. 

    Do you see where this is going? You have to take risks, take chances. There is no "sure thing." It's like the lottery. You know the ticket you buy probably is going to be worthless. But you still buy that ticket. Maybe 2 or 3 tickets even. Because you know that if you don't play then you can't ever win. 

  • Foofa
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    There are plenty of dating sites that are more about relationship building. They usually require detailed personality questionnaires and are often pay sites.

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    I don't think so and most girls aren't into hurling themselves at a guy right off the bat.

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