If all young females today insisted that laws be passed allowing them to breastfeed in public?

Then why aren't my friends and I allowed to take a picture in front of it if she insists on doing it in a public setting where people are eating and we lose are appetite and decide to take a group picture instead?

In 1819 women breastfed their children because they had no other choice and not because they wanted to and they were modest enough that they wouldn't dare try doing it in public in front of restaurant patrons.

By 1919 humans evolved, ditched the stupid barbaric breastfeeding and transitioned to using formula which created 3 of the greatest generations of modern times such as The Greatest Generation and Generation X. Breastfeeding is considered barbaric, unsanitary, and low class.

In 1998 women were still sane except there is jaws music playing in the background.

By 2018 the modern females of the younger generation brainwashing society into turning their fascination with their soft bodies into an epidemic and convince the government to make it legal for them to do it wherever they want in any US State including restaurants.

The kids they created with their subhuman boyfriends just to have a life, a nice house, and a generic picket fence are the weakest and most helpless generations in history and shoot up schools because of the emotional and mental impairments they have. Their most defining aspect is the iPad and playing stupid games on their smartphones.


Look I get it now. Young females today are breastfeeding addicts and selfish mothers which put themselves first among other things and they don't care about trying to prevent driving our species to extinction by the year 2100 and listening to anyone who opposes it and try getting mental health treatment.

Update 2:

That doesn't mean that she can't finish torturing her child inside of the home (they get maternity leave) or do it inside of a car with tinted windows.

If she always somehow feels like she needs to do it in front of a crowd of bystanders for attention then why can't we take a picture of ourselves in front of it? What harm is being done by either side?

Update 3:

The entire early 21st century breastfeeding epidemic is comes down to the girl saying to herself, "I must experience this",  rather than actually doing what is best for each individual child.

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    The Yada Yada troll is back !

    Blah .....Blah.....Blah

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    Women have the right to decide what they do with their bodies. And as to your "barbaric, unsanitary, and low class" comment, it is a proven fact that breastmilk is healthier for the baby because of antibodies in the mother, it is easier for baby's stomach to digest, and the fact that you suggest that it is low class just because you personally don't agree with the practice is what I would call barbaric. Get over yourself and get a life instead of posting moronic things on the internet.

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    • And if I ever see a girl named Kenzie performing this retarded, vile act of torture in public I'll record it and post it on the Internet because you are the only legitimate moron here who is among the entire female sex under 35 years of age right now which should have their tubes tied and die out!

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