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If a guy doesn’t text you for a day, does that mean he’s just a horn dog?? Or does it not mean anything at all?

I met this guy online and we hung out twice (both times in his apartment, I know, I’m dumb and new to online dating). We have had some really good talks and he’s funny and cute, but he’s also a super horny dude and both times he tried to have sex with me, but he stopped when I told him that I didn’t want to.

On the bus back home for Fall break, I texted him and I asked if he was only on the app cause he was horny and he basically said yes, so I told him that I’m probably not what he’s looking for. He said “I do like you and I want a relationship I’m just always horny”. And I said ok and he said ” I really do have honest intentions but I’m just a really horny guy”. I said I believe him, but tbh I’m not sure because I’m so inexperienced with the whole dating thing

So that was yesterday and he hasn’t texted me at all today. He usually texted me about coming over and there’s no way we’d be able to do “fun stuff” while we’re back home at our parents’ houses, so I’m wondering if him not texting me means that he really is just a horn dog. Or maybe he is more of an in-person talker and not a texter. 

Am I reading into this?? Because I’m sure if I texted him, he would reply, but I just wish that I could have the type of relationship where the guy would text me like once a day to say good morning or how was your day or something. But we aren’t in a relationship (yet at least), so maybe it’s unreasonable of me to want that from him.

What do you guys think?


Also this has all happened within like 3 days so it’s not like I know him super well 

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  • Foofa
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    3 weeks ago

    Most guys are horny much of the time. But most guys have the impulse control not to lead with that as if it's the most important thing. You're dealing with someone of extreme immaturity here.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Sounds to me like you want something from him, but what are you giving to him? Why would he stay with you? What is it that you do offer if not sex? In a meaningful relationship, as the saying goes, each partner gives 110%. What 110% are you giving him?

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    I would say he was just in it for the sex.  He was telling you he wanted a relationship so that you would give in.  I wouldn't worry about him because if they try that early on after meeting then that is all he wanted and has probably done it with several women on the website.  You are correct, a guy should want to text you and say good morning or even at the end of your day ask how your day was.  If you asked him all of that and he is now not texting then he has moved on to the next girl.  But beware because men also find it a challenge to get a girl who seems to be playing hard to get.  So he may pop up again trying to convince you he is all into a relationship just to get you in bed.  Once he does then he will be done.  If he is into a relationship then he will respect you and date you until you are ready for sex.  Don't give in just because you like him or just because he decides to date you right off the bat.  Respect yourself and find someone who will respect you in the same way

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    3 weeks ago

    Forget about him, he is searching the internet for women, and you don't know what sort of environment he grew up in, have you met his parents? 

    He could be online for only one thing and that one thing could end up him catching a STD. Be careful, you may not want what he might have.

    I don't mean to be tacky but if he is overly sexual with the internet females, I would take that as a warning and a red flag to WATCH OUT

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Not necessarily. Men do not make women the center of their day, let alone the center of their life. They keep their other friendships and their activities and hobbies.

    And turn to women or sex.

    Some also seek companionship.

    Some seek a relationship.

    Some seek commitment (but usually not until they are ready to settle down and then they are not too fussy).

    The ones who rush in quickly, who obsess about you and have to always be in touch with you .. these are the ones who are in love with being in love, and when the infatuation dies out they either leave you or they start making impossible demands and the conflict starts. 

    He was honest with you.  Young men think about sex a lot, if not all the time then at least whenever any female is nearby.  As for saying he wants a relationship .. wait 6 months.  It takes men a long time to build a relationship and to decide that YOU are the one they might want it with.  Also understand that any man who is not absolutely stupid understands that women are looking for relationships with the same urgency that men look for sex .. so of COURSE they are going to dangle that carrot in front of you if they want sex. And they always want sex. And they may or may not want a relationship too.

    Also, they take a LOT longer than most women to become attached. An emotionally healthy man takes about a year of steady dating before he feels like he is serious about the woman.

    So YOU need to get a live. Get friends, goals, hobbies, interests. Work on becoming content, happy, whole, and self-sufficient. Then you will not be clingy or desperate and will be able to attract good men.

    Also understand that relationships do not solve our life. We NEVER end up happier, long-term, with someone than we were happy before hand. No matter how heady or intense the infatuation stage was at first. In fact if we are not happy before we meet someone, we will end up being even MORE unhappy once the infatuation has died out.

    So become whole first if you want to find a relationship and make it last.

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