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Did you drive around and solve mysteries when you were a teenager?

I feel like I missed out on a lot....

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    My best friend Barry and I saved his girlfriend from getting beat up by her abusive father. She lived way out in the woods in this old house. It was down this heavily wooded, dark trail, and her house was in such neglect that you couldn't see out of the windows because of the bushes and trees that had grown up around the house. 

    One night, she called Barry. We were hanging out at his house, so we jumped in his Dad's Volkswagen Jetta and sped out there. When we arrived, her father had split. She was beaten up pretty badly. So we brought her back to Barry's house. 

    The bad thing was, her father was a Sherrif on the police force. 

    The next day, Barry joined the Army and she ran away. I don't know what ever happened to her. 

    In college I was dating a girl who said her father was involved in organized crime. She would never give me any more details. She told me her father (whom I never met) would disappear for weeks at a time. Her mom was on the news for being a suspect for murder. The story was that her mom was hired to kill someone and that she dumped the body in the lake. They found the body a few days later but her mom went free. Not enough evidence. My girlfriend disappeared too, until one day I got a phone call. She asked me to meet her at this old house. When I got there she was packed up and she needed a ride to the train station. I asked her where she was going, she said "it doesn't matter". That was the last time I ever saw her. 

    Barry and I were driving around in his Dad's Jetta one night. We were really bored. We found this "subdivision" that had never been fully developed. No houses were ever built. They just finished the roads and that was it. So, there was this sort of "maze" of roads going around everywhere in this heavily wooded area. We drive down this one street and we see, in a big circle, a whole bunch of people in white hoods, we see a huge pentagram with torches at each point, we see a cow being sacrificed in the middle, we see other men with rifles and we hear people chanting stuff.......

    We backed the car out of there slow and sped off into the night. We were sooo scared for the next few weeks...we hoped none of those people remembered what our car looked like........

    One time my friends and I were partying in the city and we were driving back home. I was driving because everyone else was either tired or drunk. On the freeway ahead there was a big wreck and the police had most of the lanes blocked off. The traffic was moving slowly. There was a semi truck there, and a few cars. As I passed the wreck I looked over to my right, and what I saw was this: 

    A car had slammed into the back of a semi truck, and the trailer of the semi truck had cut into the windows of the car, decapitating the driver of the car. I saw the man's head hanging back into the seat, severed at the neck. 

    When I got home I threw up and went to bed. 

    I grew up in the 80's. We were wild, but we saw some shi/t.

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    I walked around trying to solve life's mysteries, but never really succeeding.

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    I sure did. Made some great memories and fought masked criminals.

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    We used to drive around causing them

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    Nope. But I did like to drive around a lot.

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    Noo, I didn't hun, I'm not Scooby Doo.

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    Yeah, man. I always wondered who the stoner was that was squirting people with a water pistol from their car. Then I finally figured out it was me.

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    You could be a commercial for the upcoming Scooby Doo movie.

  • Yeah I used to in my van

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    I never did that

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