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If a vaping "cigarette" has zero THC or nicotine, only flavor and huge clouds of steam (which seem to be the appeal) would they hurt lungs?


Nobody wants the kids getting hurt which is exactly what will happen if they start using tobacco. 

But if it's only steam and flavors, how would it hurt them? 




Sorry -- "VAPOR". Not "steam".


Update 2:


Sorry -- "VAPOR" Not "Steam"


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  • 2 weeks ago

    The problem is none of the vapes have just natural flavoring and water.  They have all sorts of nitrates and other chemicals to prevent the flavoring from spoiling - and other chemicals like alcohol so the flavorings transmit to the taste buds faster.  Toss in the safety hazards of having a hot Lithium-Ion battery near your face - or did you miss the pics of the kids who had a vape battery blow up his face?  Broke jaw, missing teeth, missing lips, missing parts of nose.  

    With vapes, you get all the risk of injury like being in a high speed vehicle crash just to 'be cool looking' and receive the same flavor as chewing a gummy bear. 

    I don't know about you - but - a 'cool girl' with no lips, half her teeth and nose missing, and one eye doesn't have much appeal to me.  Guess I am shallow.   

  • Frank
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    2 weeks ago by definition...water vapor so HOT that is COLORLESS and SEE would be INSTA-BURNED by steam. Breathing in flavoring and water vapor is not healthy for the lungs by ANY stretch of the imagination. Flavoring is a weird mix of chemicals. Why would you want this?

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    It’s chemical vapors not steam. Steam is superheated water and would cause 3rd degree burns. The chemicals used to contain the flavors is what may be causing severe lung damage. 

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