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Ways to impress my crush in math class?

We're seniors in highschool who share a calculus class together. I'm a hard worker and I try my best, but unfortunately I don't have that good of a grade in the class. She has an amazing grade and our teacher complimented her on the last test for making a good grade. She's intelligent and amazing, how can I bridge the gap between us? I want to do my best in that class not just for her but to improve at math as well and I'm working as hard as I can by taking notes, reviewing the material whenever I have freetime, and asking the teacher questions when possible. What other things can I do that will cause her to notice me a little more?

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    Ask her to help you study.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Maybe you could strike up conversation with her? Ask her out for coffee? I'm assuming you're in high school so you can't really invite her out for cocktails or beer, so try coffee. Relationships should be based on more than purely intellectual prowess. Getting to know her through conversation and humor is probably better than trying to hope she notices you just for getting reasonable grades in math.

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