Is anyone here familiar with 420 experience?...#growing, maintaining a female plant through winter? Light cycles?

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    Yes. Try 

    Great info

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    Yes.I'm familiar with it.

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    I am .

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    Keep the growing area at least 70 deg F, warmer if you can.  80 day/70 night is ideal.  Run your fan(s) only when the lights are on.  Lights should be 12/12 to encourage flowering, although you can do 11.5.  If you are growing in soil/medium keep it slightly moist and feed every 10 days. If doing hydro in a tub with a bubbler (the easiest) let the water go down to 1/3 before you add more water and replace water with fresh nutes every  2 weeks.  Flush plants thoroughly at least 10 days before harvest.  Use a 3-part fertilizer; you will want to follow directions for the appropriate growing phases (do not use Miracle-Gro!) Amazon carries a 3-pack of 1 quart General Hydroponics that should be more than enough for the whole grow.   Get a "good until day of harvest" pesticide/fungicide or mix up a batch of baking soda* spray because powdery mildew and spider mites thrive and aphids appear out of thin air in winter growing.  Examine plants under a magnifying glass daily for signs of bugs, webs, aphids, or eggs and spray if you see any.  Pinch off shade  leaves when they're about 3" and any other leaves that look damaged.  Trim off some of the lower branches at the stem, both for the health of the plant and for clones.  If your leaves start looking "off" (aside from natural senescence) search for "nutrient issues cannabis" to help determine the problem and how to correct it. Talk to your plant and spend a lot of time with it so you can provide some natural CO2.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    * - 1 gallon water, 1 tablespoon baking soda, 4 drops dishwashing liquid.  If you're growing in soil/medium keep this away from the soil as it can make the soil pH too alkaline.

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