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Girl I've liked for a long time admits she loves me but tells me we can't date or be together???? All questions at bottom...?

I've known her the better part of a decade, she and I clicked pretty well. She was dating a friend of mine (who stopped being my friend when she and I became close friends. I would call him out for being an abusive cheating dick.) For years so I never got a chance with her. I moved across the country and they break up shortly after. She and I start talking and it's like the old times only now I can flirt and she actually flirts back. We start talking alot, some sexual things too. She opens up to me out of no where, she says is in love with me and has been for a long time. I was dumb founded and I didnt answer for a few days, I didn't know how. I have loved her for years. I tell her I feel the same way and want something real with her. she tells me about how she loves me but I am the only one she would never consider being with because she can't deal with the idea of something going wrong and we end up being different to each other, even getting on no speaking terms cause of heart break and ****. Does she actually love me? Is this a real thing? Do girls really do this? Is this the friend zone even though we are absolutely into each other? Did I mess it up by waiting too long? What should I do, because I want her and she wants me the same. Guys, How would you continue? Girls, what is your take on the situation? She could easily be the one for me, I would marry her in a second if given the chance, how do I convince her to give me that chance?

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    Just say this: "Hey this not being with eachother if we love each other dones't work for me. I wish you all the best and call me if you cahnge your mind." Then don't even bother wasting another second of your life on her unless she calls you. If she tries to turn it into some soap opera just tell her it's simple, we get together or we don't and if we don't then it's goodbye because I'm not going to be spending time with someone just pretending I want to be their friend, I have a friends for that.

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    Why not blow a weekend or a whole week and go see her and then her to her face that You won't ever be able to find someone to love like you love her and if she loves you as much as you love her there will not be any problems between you. Of course you don't know what kind of shape she is in physical so you might want to see a picture of her. How long has it been since you last saw her?

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    Are you still living across the country from each other? I think she enjoys the low stakes romance you have going on, but she isn't interested in actually dating long distance. She wants to keep her options open for someone local. She could have just told you this upfront, but then you might keep your options open too. She doesn't want you to move on before she is done with you. She is being selfish. This isn't how you treat someone you claim to love.

    As for how to proceed, you need to settle this once and for all. Tell her to make a choice, either you two commit and give dating a real shot or you are cutting ties so you can get over her. If she really does love you and if she really is afraid to lose you, it should be an easy decision.

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    It could be lying. Yet there are other types of LOVE!  Like the LOVE felt close in the family.  LOVE of best friends, like LOVE of a bride and her brides maid.

    Some people even have a job where a special type of LOVE is needed for it! 

    LOVE itself can only be felt by ones that do Beleive in GOD! 

    Atheists cannot feel anymore than each of their own LUST, for only each of their own wants!  They are best known for telling lies! 

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