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My boyfriend stabbed a guy for me and I don't know how to feel, if happy or sad?

When I was 12 I went to a friend's house. There was her uncle, he was drunk, he tried to assault, locked me in his bedroom, ans threw me on the bed. I fought with all I could but he was too strong, a 30 years old eastern european, drunk and maschilist. When I was about to give in, after I was all bruised and my shirt open he let me go and started to break all things in his bedroom. This is the reason why at 22 I am still virgin, scared of men and people, and have nightmares. I told my boyfriend why I am so scared of love and relationships and why I am scared when he touches me, even if it's just my head or hair. He stabbed him but he is still alive. I'm afraid he'll go to jail.

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    That guy dose Not have anything close to LOVE in him! 

    LOVE comes only to and with people that Do Beleive in GOD, this includes Obeying! 

    As was announced earlier this year over 60 Million innocent Girls and Woman had been Rapped in just the USA!   The number of ones that were Attempted Raped yet got away, is even higher! 

    I stayed virgin until I married, because GOD is first in my life and staying close to GOD is most important!  So much more meanings in the lives of us that do obey GOD! 

    Your attacker would have to go to Jail himself, most likely first!  For he would have to admit to the reason it all happened. 

    How about coming closer to GOD? Even bring your boyfriend also.  You both need to forgive your attacker and remove any and all hates out of your lives! You two certainly do Not want to become like your attacker, that is filled with his hates! 

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    Hmm, I wonder why I don't believe this?

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    2 weeks ago

    Was this uncle of yours Joe Biden by any chance, because that sounds like something Biden would do.

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