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My car tyre loses pressure every week. ?

I have a toyota camry. the left rear tyre goes down to 27-28 psi every week. I have to fill up that tyre to 32psi everytime i fill gas. The other tyres dont lose much pressure. Maybe 2-3 psi per month but that tyre loses 5-6psi every week. 

I took off the wheel and checked it for damage, checked for leaks with detergent water. Dont see the problem.


All tyres were Installed on August 2018. Steel rims all look okay. Alignment is good, struts are good... everything seems fine

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    2 weeks ago

    If you can't find an obvious puncture, it could be the valve. Even loosing 2-3 psi per month sounds high. I pump my tyres up about once or twice a year.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Dude, get a grip. Obviously you're no mechanic. Take it to a tire shop.

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    2 weeks ago

    I don't know what "detergent water" you are using.  You want to use something that makes bubbles like liquid dish soap. Put a teaspoon(or half a teaspoon)...a squirt into your container(clean soup can or drink mug that you can fit a brush into-sized container.  Now into the container add water about a cup or 2 and mix the soap up by STIRRING SLOWLY so it does not foam much.  I stir with the handle of the brush.  Real simple hi tech.technique.

    . Now, the tire.   Stuff it with 45PSI.  Now, get the bristles wet on the brush.  I assume the wheel is off the vehicle laying on the floor....and brush around where the rim meets the rubber.  Yes, the brush causes some foaming, that is OK, you know the soap is there. And watch after you done it to see if there is a bubbling action. Add another brushfull in the suspicious area.  After 5 minutes of careful inspection then flip tire over and do the other side. The same way and look for the bubbling action.  If none happen then it ain't leaking there..   Look at the tire valve and use the brush or spit on your finger and leave a goober there.  Does it leak....foaming would occur there.   Foam the valve stem at the base into the rim.  Does it foam there.

    .If you got NOTHING around the rim - then look at the tread.  Look for a nail or deep cut and soap it.  See if it leaks.  If it does, leave the nail in the the nail is slowing down the release of the air out of the tire.   Now you know where it is and how long the air stays in the tire, I would mount the tire back on the vehicle (drop the air pressure to say 35 PSI & drive to a tire store (say the same tire store you bought the tire from and "sometimes" they will do it for free...& have them fix it.

    . If it is a bead leak, sometimes all they do is take the tire off the rim, wire brush the rim to get off the rust and grease it up and slip on the tire again and chances is good they fixed it. (Well, made it slower, anyways.)

    . Oh, I AM assuming that the sidewalls are not cracked up from sun exposure.(I never have that problem so never thought of it drying out.)  But if you see suspicious looking cracks you can soap them and see if they foam.

    I don't have a big container to hold the rim so soaping is the easiest thing to do.

    I been fixing flats ever since I had a pedal bicycle.  Same sort of testing except bikes have inner tubes. Cars don't.  But the soaping or stuffing the tube underwater to see where the hole is is the same technique.  Patching on a bike I can do(or motorcycle as that has a tube.)

    On cars, the steel rim is never rusted to schitt. So you know there will not be a pinhole in it.

    That is just COMMON SENSE.

    The tire is the WEAKEST LINK.

    I figure "most every guy has gone through the same training"

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    Have the tire removed from the rim and then the rim should be wire brushed. Bead sealer is then applied to the rim before mounting the tire and balancing it.

    It's hard to detect rim bed leaks..

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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    A proper tire shop will over-inflate it to maybe 40 psi and dunk it completely in a tank of water to look for bubbles.  Far more effective than trying to do it yourself by any other means. Could be several things, a faulty tire, faulty bead, faulty valve, even an porous wheel.  They can all be found by the dunk test.

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    Take it to Discount Tyre, it probably has a slow leak. Heck maybe even a leak in the valve stem. 

    Source(s): 79 part 2
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    I have had 2 Toyota Corolla and with both of them it was the left rear that always showed the tire low light on the dash. You with me buddy.

    I believe this error is more of a fault in the design. Mine doesn't need to be reviled EVERY time I pump gas but every several months it needs to be refilled

  • JetDoc
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    2 weeks ago

    If it's only losing 5 PSI in a weeks time, it's going to be hard to find. Take your tire to a professional tire shop and ask them to check it for you. Some shops have a water tank where they can submerse the entire wheel and tire assembly to make it easier to spot the leak.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Did you check the stem for any leaks?  You have a small leak from somewhere, either the tire, the rim or the valve stem.

  • 2 weeks ago

    It's time to get new tires, possibly a new wheel too.

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