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How can I stop being so lazy and useless?

Okay so i hardly ever get out of bed, i pi**s like once a day probably from the lack of water i drink because im too lazy to get that to! I dont go to school and all i do is sleep or play video games, I only go out once a week for my singing lesson and if i do ever go outside I get super tired and exhausted.

 I'm a 15 year old girl, and i used to go out everyday with my friends, but even then I was always so tired and i would go to sleep on say busses and trains even if it was only like 5 stops. My friends got impatient with me one even calling me out for being too lazy and apparently moody. I always used to make excuses to go home, now i have 0 friends but i'm fine with that. Socialising freaks me out. I also have poor personal hygiene, I shower like once or twice a month. Man i'm embarrassed to say this but it's true af. 

How can i stop being so lazy and tired all the time, i have no motivation to do anything. My mom p**ss me off so much, she nags at me all the time when i LITERALLY do nothing. And there is never food in the house I eat once in the morning and another time like around 5pm. I always go to sleep hungry, and I don't get left any money either. 

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  • Pearl
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    2 weeks ago

    if your mom aint feeding you thats neglect and could be why youre so tired, i would call cps

  • audrey
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    2 weeks ago

    If your mother is not furnishing you food, call CPS and they will find you a place to stay where you will get food. Of course, you will have to shower, brush your teeth, go to school. Etc.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    How would you like it IF you were the parent and you child was do to you and all others, as you are to them? 

    Why aren't you forced into school? 

    Your weakness can be cause be being as dirty as you describe yourself!  Why are you refusing to take any baths? 

    Have you tried praying to GOD and asking GOD for your answer? 

    Are you willing to do what is needed of yourself, for yourself? 

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