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If trump loses in 2020 and a democrat is elected how much of a living hell will it be for that president come 2022 ?

President party historically loses the house in the mid terms. How much would joe Biden or warren  really be able to get done Republicans would most likely block any change they want in the house. Any slip up or scandal would probably cause an impeachment investigation.  

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    You should ask Clinton who had a Republican controlled Congress and still managed to get a lot of things done.

    What I always find weird about these what-if questions is that they seem worded in such a way to try to dissuade voters from voting for stupid reasons.  "Man, maybe we shouldn't elect a Democrat because it's going to be hell for them in 2022".... which is obviously a stupid notion.

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    Getting rid of that fat toad trump will be worth it.

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    Here's what will happen.

    1) Trump will be impeached in the House

    2) The Senate will acquit him

    3) The American people will be LIVID that Senate Republicans failed to protect the Constitution.

    4) As a result, Trump will lose reelection

    5) Democrats will win the White House & Senate, and increase their majority in the House.

    6) With this majority, Democrats will increase the size of the SCOTUS to 13 justices, then nominate and confirm 4 progressives to the bench.

    7) Democrats will repeal the ruinous Trump tax cuts. They will pass pass Medicare-For-All. And they will pass environmental legislation to combat climate change.

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