Why do people have to completely get rid of things just because they don’t like it. ?

Here we go with a touchy subject for today’s world. I’m a 21 year old female who is by no means skinny but not overweight either. Just average and okay with my body. Anyways, I recently heard that the Victoria secret fashion has been canceled, and I for one am kind of sad about it. I love the live performances and watching the girls in beautifully made wings walk down the runway. I understand some people have body dysmorphia from comparing themselves to these models and saying that they don’t uphold healthy eating and exercise plans and are bad role models. But why in today’s day and age do the wants of the few outweigh the wants of the many? In my opinion no one is forcing you to watch, there are so many other things you can focus your life on and why do you get to make the decision for me that i shouldn’t be watching? Just curious what someone else’s thought would be on this? If one group if uncomfortable with something should we close that thing down or just suggest that they let people make their own choices? Take LGBQ+ rights, some people don’t agree so does that make it wrong? No, we just tell the people who don’t agree to accept it and move on. 

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    3 weeks ago
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    I think you're mistaken and assuming why the show was cancelled. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was cancelled because their viewers have been declining and it's an expensive show. They went from 9.2 million viewers in 2014 to 3.2 last year. (Like you said, no one is forcing people to watch it...) The CEO said that network TV isn't the right place for them and that they'll be back with a new event, and later in an interview one of the models said the show will be back in 2020. So it's not really over, they just decided not to do it this year until they work something else out. They're probably working on creating a streaming platform on their website or something because that would be much cheaper and a better sales pitch.

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      Ah thank you, looks like I’ve been fed some false news and speculations

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    no that is not terrible for married couples but apparently they werent doing well financially..

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    3 weeks ago

    The VS show wasn’t cancelled because of societal issues. It was a simple market driven thing because the brand just isn’t selling as well as it used to and that show cost a lot of money to stage.

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    3 weeks ago

    The show was canceled because nobody wanted to watch it.  It had roughly 3 million viewers, which means nobody is interested in paying for ad time due to the small audience size.  VS is trying to figure out a way to retool it and maybe do something web-based or PPV in the future.

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