Since Whites are the ones who voluntarily lowered their birth rates to prevent overpopulation, why are we punished with mass immigration?

Shouldn't the other races stay in their lands, and reduce their populations?


Blue Ninja. Baloney, Whites have and are constantly being told to lower birth rates Benn going on for decades and we did. Replacement migration is the thanks we get and is unacceptable.

Update 2:

No the promise of America and every other White country is not to hand it over to non whites so they can have a higher living standard. White countries and their resources are for our children and their future children. 

Update 3:

Anon why should White countries hamstring their economies when China and India have huge and growing populations and pollute like crazy? I support protecting Nature Im not into Whites getting screwed over as usual so finance capital can cap and trade carbon emissions.

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    2 weeks ago
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    Agreed. If you se the Global warming propaganda it is targeted towards whites only. That is the only propaganda where you won't see diversity.

    Also, birthrates have nothing to do with the demographic shift. Everything to do with relaxation of immigration laws in all our countries in 1970s.

    Developed East Asian nations like Japan, South Korea etc have birthrates that are much lower than west. But they avoid the demographic shift because their government works for THEIR people. Not for the people of the entire world.

    People like Guardian, Mercuri are racists. They enjoy seeing the displacement of whites.  If she thinks whites are not native Americans, how does she explain the same shift happening in Europe? if UK deserves it because it was a colonial power, what about Sweden? Sweden did not have colonies. Even Germany was not a major colonial power at all. 

    There is something fundamentally wrong and evil with the post world war 2 system that was enforced on all western countries. "White supremacism" is being used as  linguistic weapon to attack Western nations' right to self-determine. Characterizing determinism as supremacism has morally invalidated our right to make choices for ourselves.

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    • Edgar2 weeks agoReport

      Said it better than I could. I do agree that the mass immigration us the immediate threat, but the average age of Whites in America is 43, that's due to decades of below replacement birth rates. This could easily turn to overt genocide once the system starts breaking down. We need to be ready.

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    It is ridiculous to assume that Whites decreased their birthrate because somebody requested that they do so to prevent overpopulation.

    Whites decreased their birthrate because they want to have more disposable income and to live at a higher scale of comfort. Whites produce fewer children because it suits their desire.


    Even in a predominantly White country you can’t tell a non-White resident that if he works hard, he shouldn’t reap the reward.

    America has a capitalist system and allowing people to work and prosper is what maintains the prosperity and entrepreneurial spirit that keeps us a leader in the world economy.

    Telling people that thy shall not have rewards for working hard just because they are not White, will only bring harm to America. Thy will turn to rime when legitimate doors are closed to them. And to exterminate non-Whites in Hitler-style is a sh_tty approach.


    What are your worried about anyway? Nobody is stopping you from succeeding.

  • 2 weeks ago

    I guess you are anti-military. You want to deprive our armed forces of the soldiers, sailors, aviators and marines we need to defend this great land of ours. Either enlist right now or shut up.

    • Edgar2 weeks agoReport

      Hahah, your take is Boomer as it gets. We need need non whites to defend the USA? Hilarious. You know the Romans tried to use non Romans as military? It didn't work out.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Guardian, Indians didn't found the USA, Whites did, this is our country. 

    Do you happen to be a guardian of Israel?

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  • don
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    2 weeks ago

    Unfortunately the blacks usually murder their babies,voluntarily by the way,your rant seems kinda stupid all things considered.

  • 2 weeks ago

    "voluntarily lowered their birth rates to prevent overpopulation"

    Yeah, no one did this.

    Rates are down because 1) survival of offspring is better than it was two centuries ago. 2) Life is more demanding and more expensive and most can not sufficiently support and care for a handful of kids.

    People coming here has nothing to do with population of their homelands and all to do with the promise of what America claims to be in this world, full of hope, opportunity, etc that many other parts of the world lack and the common person has no way to combat it.

    Some of you guys are real nutcases...

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    the entire planet needs to be more responsible and better manage population...logistically the earth has a finite number of resources and sooner or later one of them is going to reach a bottleneck, it doesn't help though 1 iota that rep continuously ignore climate change as this to is part of the equation..

  • 2 weeks ago

    It's not that whites are voluntarily lowering the population, it's just that no woman would ever want you. 

  • 2 weeks ago


    Considering you are probably not Native American? I wouldn't bring it up.

    1. It makes you look stupid.

    2. It helps degrade your race.


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