Advice with Scholarship and Colleges and University? What to pick?

Overall I want to major in Psychology. Here's my dilemma... I found a University that offers an online Bachelor's degree in Psychology that claims in only takes 2-3 years to complete (Maryville University). However, I'm currently in my local community college which recently offered me a scholarship for 2 years. In the community college, there's a Liberal Arts and Science of Psychology A.A degree which takes 2 years and it's supposed to transfer me to a University. The scholarship would cover it. But the University has a whole Bachelor's degree in a minimum of 2 years. I go to community college and I'm financial stable yet a major I DON'T want. I go to University and I'm NOT financial stable yet a major I do want. I don't want to waste my time in Community College just to transfer to Uni what's the point of the A.A degree when I can straight away get the Bachelor without A.A. But I don't want to give up the Scholarship and go to the University and FAFSA can't cover it. If that happens, I lost a Uni and a Scholarship, It's kinda risky. I have to make my decision by December 6.


I want to major in Psychology so I can become a Therapist/Psychologist in the future.  

Update 2:

I don't live in Missouri. 

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    1. Bachelor's degree in psychology is not a qualification for any kind of work in the field. You must earn at least a master's (e.g. in counseling) to work in the field in any capacity.

    2. Psych is one of the most popular majors, and the field is highly competitive, admissions to grad school are highly competitive. You really need excellent grades at a well-regarded university bachelor's program to have any chance of admission to grad school.

    3. An online degree such as Maryville is not going to get you into grad school. Community college is not a good choice, either, although perhaps you can transfer into a good university.

    IF you are looking to a career in the psychology field, in any capacity, you need to be doing a great deal better already than you are. Or do you just want a bachelor's degree, and not any related career?

    BTW, earning a bachelor's in 3 years from online school requires studying year-round, not on a typical university semester schedule. You can graduate from an excellent university in 3 years by going to summer school, taking a full semester course load 3 times/yr.

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    I would rather get an associates. Not worth the money.

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    9 months ago

    It says you can finish in two years with "eligible transfer credits."  And the cost of attendance is four times nearby state universities in Missouri.

    Would you rather pay 40K a year or just 10K?

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    Maryville is not a reputable university. Look- you can't get a job with an undergraduate degree in psychology (trust me on that, I have one), and certainly not a 3 year degree from a diploma mill. Go to your community college. Then transfer to a university and major in psychology- most universities have that major. 

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