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Should my husband have to work more hours so I can have a much needed surgery?

We currently have blue cross blue shield and my husband is only working part time and so we do not qualify for the tax credit bc our income is too low. He is able bodied. I cannot work and I need this operation bc my spine is pressing on my left lung and my surgeon will not accept Medicaid like most doctors. I think my husband should work more hours so we can get better insurance. I am getting worse monthly and in pain 24/7.

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    Are there any other doctors around that could do the surgery and accept Medicaid? Otherwise yes, maybe your husband should work a little more, but maybe you should consider getting a job that you are able to do.

    Good luck, and if you get the surgery I hope it goes well!

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    Try looking for a surgeon who does accept Medicaid.

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    Baloney what a tall tale

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    I suggest you try to find a doctor who will accept Medicaid.

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    3 weeks ago

    I'm so glad I don't live in a "shithole country" that doesn't have universal healthcare.

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