Why do most Americans like Japanese culture more than Chinese culture?

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    2 weeks ago
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    I can only speak for myself. I do not know any Chinese people at this time. And I do not know much about their culture.

    I did get to live in Japan for 3 years and saw how much they progressed from the WWII to the 70s. They had so much electronic stuff, excellent color tvs, huge realistic video arcades, a perfect recycling plan, trains and buses than ran on time, the bullet train (wow!!!), clean streets and no graffiti. In 25-30 years they went from an emperor run country made up of many villages to a country that could compete with us and in some things they were so far better. It is 2019 and we still do not have a train similar to their bullet train. I was treated really well and never had a problem there. I don't know if it would have been different if I had lived in Tokyo but I was respected because I respected them.

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    During my youth that is when the Anime phase kicked in and most Anime in America came from Japan. That's when everyone that was obsessed with it started learning how to speak Japanese. Then when I was introduced to K-pop music that's when everyone began obsessing over K-pop. Then Korean movies because a thing. For the most part American's adapt to trending things and not some much adapt to culture or history. Me I like all anything oriental. Really I like learning about all cultures. Even though the Asian culture is a very beautiful one.

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    I am not so sure. I mean, all I know is that the majority of Asian TV shows and movies make in America take place in China, although there are a lot of Japanese animes that are dubbed/subbed in english, in America. Some people like Korean dramas or Kpop or at least know what they are. I don't hear many people talking about Southeast, South, Central, etc. Asians.and their cultures, though. Some people forget that they are also a part of Asia.

    Source(s): Korean American's opinion.
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    There are many different Japanese cultures and hundreds of Chinese cultures. Each language has at least one culture associated with it as do dialects of those languages and there are a dozen or more languages in Japan and over 300 in China.

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Just seems to me like Americans have more common ground with the Japanese than with the Chinese.  Like Chinese culture is a little more remote from ours than Japanese culture.

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    What culture do Japanese have that wasn't stolen from the Chinese or white people?

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