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What are some common traits to take in mind when writing characters based on gender and age?

Though they are individuals with unique personalities and traits, there must be some common traits exclusively based on gender and age: Women are usually more emotional, men are stronger and children are more gullible, naive and able to learn another language better than an adult would.

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  • Andrew
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    9 months ago
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    Any writer who uses a mould to craft characters isn't worth reading. There's nothing more maddening than boring, cliche, hollow, inauthentic, one-dimensional, unimaginative characters. Real people have a personality, but once you get to know them, you see that they aren't bound by whatever adjectives you'd like to apply to them. They defy categorisation. We all do. People who might be described as "good-humored" or "funny" might actually have a bad temper or tend to be loners. People who come off as aloof or even rude might actually be quite friendly and incredibly kind. People who are clumsy might actually be extremely confident. To suggest that ALL women are more emotional than men and that ALL men are stronger than women and that ALL children are more gullible than adults is just as absurd as it is insulting. 

    And if these general traits you're asking about actually existed, then they wouldn't be "unique" because they'd be shared by every single human being that falls under that umbrella term. There's no trait that's only found in women or men or younger people. Every well-adjusted human being ought to capable of experiencing a range of different emotions. And it's not only one's age or gender that's going to influence how that person is affected by other people or the world around them - there are a host of factors involved in shaping that. 

    Normally, my go-to response to questions posted by someone who's so staggeringly off the mark would be "go and read some more", but I need to make an exception in your case. What you need to do is go out and LIVE some more. Meet people. Talk to them. Get to know them. Make some friends. Anybody who thinks that people can be summed up so succinctly and pigeonholed so neatly is seriously mistaken and nowhere near ready to think about writing anything.      

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Those are tired stereotypes. The men and women one simply has no basis in reality anymore, because it was based on gender roles, and those are- pretty much gone now. Greatly diminished, certainly. The one about children is sometimes true. Depends on the background of the character in question, though. An adult raised in a very sheltered environment may be gullible and naive. An abused child raised in a slum might be anything but. Don't use common traits for your characters because they're common. That's a terrible reason. If you want to be realistic, give them a history. Then read up on the psychology for any significant event and what impact it would have long term. Don't just make a list of traits, include a few 'common'- aka stereotypical- ones for their age group/gender, and say your character is complete.

  • 9 months ago

    There is nothing more boring than a writer the writes based on gender and age stereotypes. No trait is universal and not trait is "exclusive" to a gender or age.

  • 9 months ago

    Instead of trying to go with cliche characters, make yours individuals. It will be far better in your writing.

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  • Marli
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    9 months ago

    I would not adhere to outdated stereotypes like those you cited when writing characters based on gender and age. My doctor is a woman, and she is not emotional on the job.  My sister-in-law lifts weights, including my brother.  Some children living in poverty are more savvy than I am. Some wealthy kids who think they are more savvy than I am.

    Some men openly identify as women and some women as men.  Some women identify as "girly-girl". Others as "business women".  Some people age rapidly. Some age so slowly that they look at least 10 years younger than they are. Some people are juvenile geniuses. Some will never grow mature. Some people lack a limb. Some people have cystic fibrosis. 

  • 9 months ago

    A better idea would be to write realistic people who are unique in their own way. Reducing people down to common traits results in boring characters with no complexity or anything worth reading about.

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