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How dangerous and evil were Hirohito and Hideki Tojo?

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    Hirohito wasn't all that dangerous. During the Meiji Restoration some decades earlier they brought the emperor back as the head of Japan as a symbolic thing to unite the various regions of Japan that had been at constant war. Hirohito and his grandfather were really under the control of their generals rather than the other way around, although they could have stopped/rejected any policy.

    Hideki Tojo as well as other generals and lower ranks were the more eviI ones. They were the ones responsible for a lot of the atrocities in WWII. And even then, it was a Iot of individual Japanese soldiers and just the general culture and way of thinking in Japan that led to events such as the Rape of Nanjing. As a former general and Prime Minister, Tojo was largely responsible for the horrific invasions of many nations, PearI Harbor, declaring war on the UK and Netherlands, Kamikaze fighters, slavery, mass beheadings, treatment of POW's, etc. Although he was not the only one and much of the atrocities such as rape, torture, and murder of civilians was on individual soldiers and the Japanese culture. 

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    Hirohito was actually a quiet soul that spent his time pruning his flower garden, rather than delving into politics.Tojo on the other hand was a different animal. When he was with the Kwantung Army in China he earned the nickname "the razor".

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    When the U.S. responded to Pearl Harbor with a surprise bombing of Tokyo (the Doolittle Raid), some of the American pilots crash landed in China and got help from the locals. 

    The Imperial Japanese Army took out its fury on the Chinese people by killing more than 50K.

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    they were evil people

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