What does it mean when a guy gets excited about this?

The guy I like and his friend were talking to me & this girl randomly says “she has a boyfriend” I proceed to tell her “we broke up” then the guy I like turns to his friend and excitedly says “they broke up!” And NO I know for a fact his friend doesn’t like me. His friend shows 0 signs of interest.

 Another time during a class he yelled my name really loudly while the teacher was talking and his friend said “bro why did you do that?” why would he say that? he also asked me before that if I like anyone but could it mean anything else besides him liking me? 

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    he doesn't show "0 signs of interest" you just choose to be oblivious to the signs

  • 3 weeks ago

    Gawd..sometimes this section is like trying to read one of those juvy teen girl magazines at the dentists reception, you know it's full of laughable shat ...but you need something to distract you from the pain ....and your curiosity get's the better of you

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      I don't even know if half of these accounts are real, there's one account on here which has asked the same question 300+ times, got to be a bot or something

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