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Birth Control to stop period?

I have a doctors appointment in a couple days and I’m going to be discussing birth control , I haven’t been on any before but was recommended by a nurse the Nexplanon , she said it’s little to no periods , I looked it up and there’s no real answer on if Nexplanon causes little to no bleeding , my boyfriends visiting for Christmas break and my period falls right in the middle of it which is pretty annoying I’m wondering what’s the best option for me to have little to no period next month? If I get on Nexplanon or any other option I’m given for birth control will I have my next period ? My periods last 6-7 I’d rather have the lightest or no period while he is staying :/ 

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  • alan P
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    2 weeks ago

    Nexplanon is very reliable - better than the pill.  Less than 1:1000 women get pregnant during the 3 year life of the device.  It can sometimes lead to unexpected bleeding.  Some information in the link is specific to the UK.

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