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Is my stomach normal for a girl?

I broke my ankle two years ago and was in massive pain from it. I didn't get to be active. Since April I have lost 33 pounds. Everyone keeps telling me I'm skinny but when I look at myself I don't feel like I'm skinny. I know I still have some more to lose but considering I was close to hitting 200 pounds I am happy of where I am at, even though I keep pushing myself further to increase the results. My stomach doesn't like to gain muscle and is kind of mush. I know everyone has different body shapes. I'm trying to be content with what I look like. 

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    Good job so far! You look amazing right now keep up the hard work. Your stomach looks very normal and not fat. Congrats on the weight loss!

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    3 weeks ago

    You look good and completely normal. Congrats on your progress so far. I think you should consider lifting weights. When people are thin but still have more fat then they would like its usually because they don't have enough muscle. And no, most of that muscle is not going to go to your stomach. Its a matter if body composition. If you stayed the same weight you are now, but lost 15 pounds of fat and put on 15 pounds of muscle (on your entire body), you will be leaner and a little thinner but your weight would be the same. So weight loss should not be the goal anymore assuming you are at a healthy weight. 

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    Good job so far! You are carrying abdominal fat, which is why you see the roundness.  If you continue to lose fat through diet and exercise, some of that will disappear.  Getting "abs" is hard but if you include core strengthening exercise is your routine, you will have muscles below the fat, and those muscle will show if you eventually lose that fat.  A strong core is also really important for general living.

    "Normal" isn't really relevant.  Today, it is normal for people to be obese.  It is also normal for women of any fitness level to have more body fat than men.  

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    3 weeks ago

    It's a stomach. You appear slightly overweight, but you didn't bother to tell us your age, height, or weight. There is no 'normal' stomach for a girl. Girls/women have stomachs (abdomen) of varying sizes (from very slim, to muscular, to flat but soft, chubby, fat, flabby, etc). 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Looks normal to me. Great job losing the weight!

  • 3 weeks ago

    i think you look good, and i think you shouldnt lose more weight but start doing some excersice and that will make your body looks better, but to me you look good and healthy

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