What is the quickest way to quit my fast food job and still get my paycheck?

For reference, I’m a New York state resident and this job is in Manhattan, NYC. I am currently working part-time at a famous fast food restaurant in NYC. I had an interview a week ago, and within 4 days I had my first day on the job. It is my first job ever, and I didn’t realize how horrible the working conditions would be for me (splashing oil, long hours, constant yelling back and forth, physical exertion, etc.). It is way too far of a commute from my home, so I don’t get a single minute of free time during the week. I need to quit immediately as it has had a huge toll on my mental and physical health. I suffer from both chronic anxiety and depression and they have been amplified to levels that I deem dangerous to my personal well-being. After a day of work my body feels week and I’m already having suicidal thoughts. I want to quit as soon as possible but still get paid for this one week of grueling work I am committing to. This particular store pays on Wednesdays, so how should I quit? Can I quit before then and still get my check? I know what I’m planning on doing is looked down upon, but this has become an extremely urgent issue. Thank you for anybody that can help.

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    The quickest way is to just quit. The more professional way is to put in your 2 weeks notice. But if you gotta quit just quit. Either way be straightforward, it’s your life don’t worry about what your managers say or think. It’s their job to hire people anyways. They’ll be fine. 

    If you’re concerned about getting paid for all of the hours you worked, don’t be. If you worked 30 hours you’ll get paid for 30 hours.  If you think quitting at the wrong time, or quitting at all, will affect your pay for the hours you worked, don’t be. It won’t. Now, if you’re wanting to make sure that you get paid for those hours all at once... then you need to figure out what the pay period and payday schedule is. Depending on the schedule it’ll either all come on one check, or 2 checks on separate paydays. For example, if the pay period at my job was from October 2-15 (most pay periods are two weeks) and the payday for that period is the 21st (most paydays are scheduled about 5-6 days after the end of the pay period) then on the 21st i would get paid for any hours I worked from the 2nd-15th. Now let’s say I just started the job, like you have with yours, and I started on October 12th and worked my last day on the 18th (one week). Because I worked during 2 different pay periods, I wouldn’t get the money for the hours all in one check. I’d get paid on the 21st for the hours I worked on the 12th-15th and I’d get a check on the NEXT payday, Nov 4th, for the hours I worked on the 15th-18th, during the 2nd pay period (October 16-29). If the week I worked was from like October 5th-12th, all in one pay period, then I’d get paid for all of those hours in one check on the payday for that pay period, in this case, the 21st. 

    Also, if you need to quit a job to take care of yourself, do it. Letting a job make you miserable is not worth it. You could save yourself some trouble and start job searching now so the consequences of not having a job don’t replace the consequences of having a shitty job. But in my experience, don’t stress about that anymore than you have to. In the past, after I quit a shitty job, I’d immediately feel relieved but then it wouldn’t take long to feel stressed about being unemployed. I would spend HUGE amounts of time on job sites trying to get a job as if I needed one right then and there. And every time I do this I end up being fine and realize I could have taken more time and stressed less about it.  But all in all, do what you gotta do. 

    Note: If the thought of not having a job REALLY stresses you out, maybe hold it out a little bit longer at your shitty job until you have another job lined up. Put up with one source of stress a little bit longer, to avoid a whole other stressful process. OR quit rn and while you’re looking for a new job do Postmates or Uber/Uber Eats! Definitely a good solution if you need like 2 weeks to find a job but still need to make a bit of cash. 

    Wow I didn’t expect this to be so long. I guess I just really relate to what you’re going through. 

    Take care of yourself. And do what’s best for YOU. I have a tattoo that says “hard times are just times that are hard” in other words, it’ll pass and everything will be okay. And it’s okay to go in and out of hard times. They come and go. 

    Quit that job and let yourself breathe. You owe it to yourself to have peace and you know you deserve it. 

    Don’t stop searching for places/people that make you feel the way home is supposed to feel like. Whether it’s the community you are in at school. Or your job. Or the place you like to hang out. Etc. 

    That’s all I got. Stay safe. 


  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    There is no easy way to quit or best time if you have decided you cannot stand it another minute. Just let then know as soon as possible and ask them to mail your check to you. We've all had jobs like that. I suffer from depression and anxiety so I do understand although you may get a lot of flack from others and putdowns here but don't listen to them. Do what is right for you.

  • 3 weeks ago

    1. by law it is mandatory for them to pay you for hours worked. no matter how you quit. 

    2. you should save all pieces of uniform if given one including hat/name tags/shoes/etc.. they are likely going to ask you to bring these in as it is considered company owned unless you paid for them out of pocket. if not they will likely not give you your check because you failed to do so and may likely take out the costs of the items out from your check and pay you the remaining balance if any. 

    this is why i always stress to sign up for direct deposit. you dont need to go in to pick up a check , you get paid 1 day in advance basically dont need to wait for the paper check then deposit it and all that bs, if you quit you dont even need to turn in your uniform. 

    biggest issue with this is most people are too shame to go in and pick up their last check but tbh money is money and they MUST pay you. worked with many people who frowned upon ex coworkers like this making bad remarks and to me it's just like "meh" you can't deny them the money they worked for and people quit for w.e. reasons some maybe commute issues ( i've done this ) others for personal issues ( had coworkers like this ) and many due to disliking the managers/other employee's and were felt like they were treated disrespectfully ( im sure many of us have done this i know a lot in general who have and dont blame um )

    just go in pick up your check, hand in your entire uniform and thats it. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Your payday does not change no matter when you quit. Not turning in your uniform will ensure you do not get your check in a timely manner.

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  • John
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    3 weeks ago

    They are required by law to give you your paycheck no matter how you leave.

  • 3 weeks ago

    They will mail your check.. You will start your career with a "abandoned job" on your record. No notice means not a good reference.

  • Judy
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    3 weeks ago

    It is very rude and juvenile to quit without the standard two week notice, but it's not illegal, and they still have to pay you for the hours you worked. Your check should be ready for you to pick up on the normal payday. Depending on your employer's pay schedule, that will either be next week or the week after for hours worked this week.. They might mail it to you if you ask them to.

    • Linda
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      3 weeks agoReport

      It is but apparently you have never suffered from depression and anxiety. This person cannot mentally be there and who are we to say he is juvenile?

  • martin
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    3 weeks ago

    Just don't go to work there anymore. If someone calls you on the phone, tell them you can't work there anymore.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Give your two weeks notice and move on.

    You will get paid on whatever day happens to be pay day. You might want to see a psychiatrist for all your mental problems.😉

  • 3 weeks ago

    Call them.


    - I've decided this job is not a good fit and won't be working anymore.

    - When can I pick up my check

    That said:  you have worked four days.  How are you ever going to be successful at a job, if you aren't even willing to really try it.  Sure, your body feels weak, you haven't done this kind of job before.

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