can anyone reassure me about youtube?

i feel quite alarmed and panicked because some guy i'm subscribed to, said these new youtube rules named COPPA, will force him to delete all his videos?

that sounds terrible news, is this true?  

me, i'm just a small channel, i joined in 2012, i just have 17 subscribers and about 5 uploaded videos which are old tv clips from the 80's......will these new rules affect me and my channel?

what about all the obscure other small channels i like, with their music and video clips, will new rules COPPA force them to delete all their content too?

what will become of youtube? can someone reassure me that things ain't as bad as all this?

youtube is my main online entertainment and if anything major happened it would destroy me.

sensible answers only.

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    YouTube's rules are not named "COPPA." COPPA is an old legislation that YouTube was recently found to be in violation of, and is now going to be more rigorous about enforcing.

    COPPA stands for "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act." As its name would imply, it is designed to stop the collection of data from users under the age of 13.

    Anything you watch that is clearly intended for children and is marked as "For children" is safe, though will not earn much money.

    Anything you watch that is clearly intended for adults and is marked as "For mature audiences only" is safe.

    The ambiguity is content that is adult-oriented but intersects with content children might be interested in. For example, an adult who plays Minecraft. If you mark it as "For adults", then you will end up collecting information from children, which violates COPPA. If you mark it as "For children", then you basically get no money from advertising. 

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