My mom gave up on her green card years ago and they gave her a letter, in that letter says: I-193 visa Waiver approved.What does it mean?

3 Answers

  • 2 weeks ago

    I-193 is a waiver for NON-immigrants (including non-green card holder) to temporarily visit US in an emergency without the proper visa/documentation. Emergencies include such things as sudden critical illness or death of an immediate family member within the last 5 days, emergency medical treatment of the visa waiver applicant, emergency & rescue workers responding to a major catastrophic event in the US. 

    Apparently your mother returned to her country of citizenship & lost US residency by resuming residency in her own country, or left the US for over 365 days, or turned in her green card, or green card was revoked for some reason. She no longer holds a valid green card. For some urgent reason, an emergency, she needs/wants to enter US temporarily, and she has been granted temporary emergency entrance to US. She will not remain in US, obviously.

  • 2 weeks ago

    What do you mean by 'gave up on her greencard'?  Permanent residence does not expire unless you take steps to terminate it by (for instance) returning to your own country.   The card itself may need to be renewed but non renewal does not cancel your status.  Impossible to know why they gave her a I-193 visa Waiver.  Perhaps the card had expired and she had a family emergency?  You would have to ask her.

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