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Depression ?

Me and my girlfriend been on a break. She been depressed. She suffers from depression and anxiety she has mental illness. She goes to college and I think that has made her more depressed because she started be depressed when started college. She messaged me yesterday at 1am that she was in pain and she was crying all night and that she didn’t sleep. She message me first then she stops messaging me back. She talks to her close friends everyday.  She used to cut her. I feel like she pushing me away at this point I don’t know what to do. She tells me that she loves me and everything. Should I give up?

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    I am getting a sense that you love her too but the situation is incredibly taxing on you. If this is correct the next question you must ask yourself is do you love her enough to deal with it? It will not be an easy decision but when you are ready, here is what I recommend: yes - consistent communication and checking in will be beneficial. Listen to everything she has to say, reassure her the best way you know how. If no - leave.

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