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Worrying 2 week, 40 tampon period?

I’ve been on my period for 2 full weeks, and have used around 40 tampons. Literally not an exaggeration. Used the last one from a brand new box of 34 this morning and have borrowed some others. Is this dangerous enough to call the doctor about? I always have really bad periods, they last 8 or 9 days and I bleed a helluva lot. But it’s never been like this. I started a new birth control a little while back but this is my 2nd period since starting it and 1st wasn’t like this. I have a history of a bad reproductive system (had 3 huge ovarian cysts removed and didn’t have a period for a couple of years which put me at risk for fallopian tube/ovarian cancer and uterine cancer since my uterine walls were so thick from lack of period). I’m also 16 years old so. Let me know if anyone needs any other info. 


I’m also getting really tired and nauseous all the time which I’m guessing has to do with losing blood?

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    you do need to get this taken care of, you can become anemic and you are symptomatic. Call your GYN asap; this is not an urgent care problem (they cant do anything with this problem), but if you cant be seen, you need to probably hit the ED.

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    I had the same thing and wound up with anemia for excessive blood loss and the doc put me on iron supplements. Get it checked out.

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    Danger? Seriously danger of what??

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