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whats a good exotic pet. that's good to have in IL?

When I was little there was a mountain lion that coexisted with me not as a pet, but like a housemate sorta.. there was a hole in the side of my house I lived at when I was little.. it was a friendly big cat and later on had cubs.   never met the male parent cat. but as I grew up I looked about if its possible to have a lion as a pet and the answer is no.. and I understand that the chances of me finding a Friendly Wild predator to coexist with in close proximetry is very slim...  and finding one that would let me pat it.. is almost not gonna happen..  as for the lion and cubs from my childhood they got relocated after my family moved by the animal control.   that occurred when I was but a lil kid.. im now 33 years old.  anyway I am just courious what Exotic pets are Legal to own now adays..  cuz when I was little there used to be a pet shop that sold various exotics but it was shut down by the police for obvious reasons.  I may end up pursuing a legal exotic in the near future when I have funds.. but for now I just want to know what sorta exotic pets are legal.. if any that are something I can "Touch" / "Pet"  / "hold"    and is not delicate... well sugar glider delicate.  I don't want to be afraid of hurting a pet on accident.. the type of exotics im more interested in for the distant future is something the size of a cat, or bigger. just no snakes.. "fluffy" is keyword

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    Yea, back in the 60s, a neighbor rescued a couple stray kittens and nursed them then when it was time for their shots etc. the vet discovered they were puma kittens.

    No law against keeping such animals then, ut when these little sweeties got to be cats, their primal instincts kicked in and got mean, they had to be sent off to a zoo,

    As for your story,,"horseshit" a mountain lion wouldn't hesitate to eat you.

    The only large cats kept to date that haven't injured or killed their keepers is one account of a female lion,(a book written about that one) and a number of captive bred leopards. Takes special permits to keep such today and you might ask Roy Horn about keeping pet tigers,the expert keeper.

    You ant fluffy, maybe a skunk if they are legal for you, that or a possum.

    Porcupines make wonderful pets, but they are not the cuddly sort and some puncture proof gloves will be handy.

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      you can believe it was "horseshit" if you want, but I lived at that house for several years.. and even fed it myself.. other neighbors also gave it food. this occurred a long time ago.  Not all animals act the same..  im looking for what exotics that aren't NATIVE that I can own legally.

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