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Can you identify these obscure potion ingredients?

I found an old notebook page under the carpet in my room describing a potion that when added to the bath would improve my singing, the ingredients described are rare and indecipherable how do I obtain them?

Caducous - part of a plant detatched at an early stage, what’s this

White powder of Ostrava = possibly powdered estrogen or ground up ostrich egg shell

White powder of columbo = possibly from some sort of plant or ground up bones from Christopher Columbus, maybe powdered caffeine, coffee grows in Colombia 

Powder of the Lunar Cycle = possibly progesterone or Moon Dust

Aerogulus = don’t know what this is, sounds like a demon name

Polykleitos = sounds like some sort of plastic

Juice of Citrine = possibly related to a gemstone or orange juice

Milk of Rock = don’t know what this is, possibly breast milk from a pop star or rock star, maybe rockstar energy drink?

Dust from St Judy’s comet’s tail = possibly related to Comet temple Tuttle

Spirits of the Vine = Possibly Brandy

Juice from Fire Flowers that Grow on the mountains on the sun = possibly some Edilweiss

Does anyone who knows chemistry know what these ingredients are and how to create this potion? What are meant by those cryptic old names for chemical ingredients?

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    I answered this question before.  Let me try it another way

    Those chemists among you and us chemical engineers study science.  We study how particles form atoms and how atoms combine together to form compounds.  We study the properties of those particles, atoms, and chemical substances.  We have a systematic naming system for those chemicals.  We study standard reactions that we study and use to make new products.  We have equipment that we study that we react chemicals in and separate the products into individual chemicals

    You're not looking for a chemist nor a chemical engineer.  You're not looking for a scientist.  What you're looking for is a scammer selling fake "products".  A scammer pretending to be a "magical apothecary".  A fake scammer who sells colored water and calls it essence of moonbeam.  A scammer willing to take your money and while scamming you.  A FRAUD.    

    You're posting this question over and over again in the chemistry section of YA where we scientists donate time to help chemistry students taking general and organic chemistry.  No one here... .at least I hope not... is a fortune teller, a palm reader, a chicken bone tosser, a religious healer, or any other kind of scamming fraudulent thief.

    if you really want to be scammed out of your hard earned $ by some jackass fraudster, then google "mythical apothecary supplies" and throw your $ away.  But before you do, know this... all magic potions are fake.

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