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Who was Joe the plumber and why was he so prominent during a past US election?


What similar person would you identify during the UK elections and why. For example,

sally the nurse defending the NHS from, "by the  back door privatisation".

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    Joe the plumber (Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher) became briefly famous after encountering then-candidate Barack Obama during the 2008 election campaign, while Obama was out talking to voters in a working-class Toledo, Ohio neighborhood.  Joe criticized Obama's proposed tax plan so the liberal media went after him.

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    During the 2008 election "Joe" questioned Obama about his tax plan on small business. Pointing out how it would hurt small businesses.

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    Because he represented the average American to Republicans.

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    Joe is like David Hogg and Occupy, relics of the media-poltiical fad past; Greta Thunberg will be forgotten very soon also and join the ranks of Joe...

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