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what should I do about this situation with my grown daughter?

my daughter who is a single mother of two girls a 5 year old and a 1 year old lives together with me...we share the rent and other bills..she cannot afford daycare so I decided to help her out by babysitting the children..she puts full responsibility of the care of the children on washing machine has she has left the girls clothes to pile high.she refuses to wash with her hands....i am not prepared to handwash clothing...i hand wash my now the kids have no clean clothes to wear....what can be done in this case.....

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    Just keep on refusing to hand wash her kids clothes. In return for all you're doing for her, she should buy you a new washer or at least pay to have this one repaired. When her kids stink so bad she can't stand them, she'll have to do something about it.

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    Your going to need to put a pair of boots on and cram it up her you know what! Tell her she has 24 hrs to get the Grandchildren's stuff washed up as your Grandchildren deserve better than the crap kind of filth she has them wearing for much needed clean clothes, dirty clothes your ****! That is called neglect through and through! This lack of care for your Grandchildren's environment will not be tolerated, you'll call children services yourself if you have to!!! Then follow through if she can't get it together for the kids...Showing you she does not care is really a very bad sign. When Mothers/Fathers neglect their children needs it takes Children Services to step in to at least check them for" meth" (makes them not care) or whatever to help them to care for the children be it drugs or mental health needs of some kind. Be prepared to help take on the children until professionals help her through what ever it is she needs help with. They may even help you with your washer and dryer needs to even help you in the best interest of the children until Mom is in a healthier state of mind. Good luck!  

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    Daughter is spoiled.  She has children so now she has to care for them.  YOU took care of daughter when she was a rug it is HER TURN.  

    It is not for GRANNY(you) to do. 

    You did your shift.

    Time to get TOUGH ON MOTHER.  She can spread her legs, well this is the result.


    She is cheaping out.  Laundromats are all around your town so she has no excuse.  You do not have to supply her with a machine FREE FOR HER TO USE.   She needs clean clothes for the kids and she is saving a FORTUNE paying for DayCare. So she is either DRINKING THAT MONEY AWAY or getting her nails done.   Tell her it is her problem.  If she can't figure it out then she should not have children.  Tell her you will call Child Welfare on her and have them take the kids away.  You do not is not your responsibility.>Honestly-DO NOT CARE<

    Really, right now she is taking  YOU for a free ride.

    Life is NEVER FREE.

    (Sorry if I sound coldhearted, my mom is Polish so she talks in COLD HARD FACTS.  Back in the 30's there was no wash-machines. People still survived.

    I am responding the way she would have responded.)  She had to wash by hand, cloth diapers...(you remember "the good old days")

    Common sense has to come into play here.  Hard facts too.  Give her a garbage bag to put the clothes in and haul off by foot to the Laundromat. or hand wash in the bathtub or a square tub. and line dry. 

    Doing NOTHING is not the answer.

    Hand washing never Killed you.

    Some over do the clean clothes thing.  Oh it has been worn 1 day,indoors. Now it is in the laundry. Which is much more wear on your machine for NOTHING.  That is just waste.

    I hope Granny lays down the law.  Or boot her kid onto the street.  You raised her to adult age and NOW IT IS HER TURN TO FIGURE IT OUT.

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    Threaten to call CPS. I assume she gets a check either from her ex or the state for the kids care- she wouldn't be getting it if they are gone.

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  • 9 months ago

    I wouldn't wash my clothes by hand, either.  Just take your stuff to the local laundromat.

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    9 months ago

    Suggest you go halves on a new machine if your daughter is planning to use it.

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    That is what laundromats are for.

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    Simply replace the washing machine with a new and bigger one.

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    9 months ago

    You can get a washing machine.

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