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Is this a fair assessment?

President Trump won the 2016 election by accepting clandestine foreign help. He was caught trying to win the 2020 election by extorting clandestine foreign help. If unchecked, he will do it again. He's likely doing it right now.

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  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    I don't think that Trump is doing it right now. He's probably laying low a bit because he's under investigation. But you're absolutely right that Trump accepted help from foreign government in the 2016 election. Now, you're going to get a lot of pushback on that from conservatives because the Mueller report supposedly clear Trump this. But what the Mueller report did was say that there was not enough evidence to recommend a charge of criminal conspiracy. That's different from Trump accepting that help. We know from the Mueller report that even if Trump didn't act criminally that he welcomed the help of the Russians in his campaign and sought to amplify their propaganda message.

    You're also right that Trump is now soliciting help from a foreign government in the 2020 election. He is tried to Force Ukraine to engage in politically-motivated investigations of his main rival.

    I also think that if we allow we get away with this that he'll try it again. This is something that Republicans are really need to understand. Trump is not going to stop. He's going to keep on trying to do this stuff unless he's punished. One of the things that's amazing in here, and I just recently so pointed out is that this effort to influence Ukraine again just a short while after the Mueller report came out. So what we have is Trump getting out from under the cloud of an investigation into him possibly colluding with a foreign government influence the u.s. election and what does he do but turn around and try to once again collude with a foreign government to influence us election. If Trump is not punished for his behavior here he's going to try and do it again. I don't know what shape that'll take but he's absolutely going to try and do this.

  • David
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    2 weeks ago

    No, but it's a fair assessment that you should cut back on your daily diet of Faked Up News.

  • Kieth
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    2 weeks ago

    He won because Hillary didn't get the black vote like Obama did.

  • 2 weeks ago

    That is a fair assessment. It is supported by the Mueller Report and the evidence presented in the impeachment proceedings.

    We should be very concerned about the warnings that we have already had that Russia is interfering in our 2020 election right now. As we know, Russian efforts were to help Trump win.  

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  • 2 weeks ago

    He didn't simply accept it - he openly asked for it.

  • 2 weeks ago

    It's obvious to everybody except Trump's brainwashed cult members. 

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