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Does lifting weights frequently with high intensity increase testosterone and close growth plates during puberty? Please read description?

I am 16 now and have been lifting weights for 7 months now and before started I had barely any facial hair now it is much thicker and my height hasn't increased im only 5'9 but my dad is 6'3 I read online that it increases testosterone and seals the growth plates speeding up puberty is there any way to reverse this?

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    Yes lifting weights increase testosterone so does being angry, run, masturbation and so on but it has no affect on your height or anything else but you won't increase the amount of testosterone enough to make a difference and it would just go back to normal ones you stop

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    Weight lifting supposedly helps improve bone density

  • Being a short man is very depressing and a problem for most short men. I am the same height as your dad and most men I see are about the same height as you. Not many women dig on short men. Unless he was "rich" then his height wouldn't matter much to her. You can wear a 1-3 inch shoe to get up to at least 6'0".

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    While your weight lifting may have helped increase your testosterone, it's also just may have been a natural onset. And unless you were being very obsessive about your lifting, I doubt it has anything to do with your current height. At 16 you've easily got another 2 years to go through another growth spurt, so frankly, I wouldn't worry about it. 

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