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What are the pros and cons of 1988 Glasair? Known issues?


Glasair 1RG 

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    2 weeks ago
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    Known issues ------ these are homebuilt aircraft, so ...............

    - substandard fiberglass work

    - amateur welding joints

    - non-compliant wiring

    - faulty fuel delivery systems

    - non approved engine mods

    - improper baffling

    YOU NAME IT and it can be a total disaster. If you are contemplating the purchase of one of these aircraft have a complete airworthiness inspection done.

  • rick
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    1 week ago

    Pro? It's cute, and performs well. Con? It's a kit plane. It's probably been assembled and maintained by amateurs, with little to no mechanical skill or knowledge. Kit planes and homebuilts are usually the result of the owner/builder not having enough money to get a real airplane. This means everything on this airplane may be used, patched up, or not even airworthy. Good luck and enjoy your next cross country, in it.

    • rob1 week agoReport

      It’s not made well but enjoy my next cross country? I don’t get it 

  • FanMan
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    2 weeks ago

    Glasair is a homebuilt kit plane.  As such, it doesn't have "model years".  1988, or any other year, would simply be the year the builder finished building the kit (which can take years).

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