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Lt. Col Vindman's dress uniform?

How does he wear lapel infantry crossed rifles but not the infantry blue shoulder cord?


something looked wrong about his uniform.

Update 2:

Princess- I was infantry. 

Update 3:

eyecue- the French Fourragere is worn over the left shoulder and is not blue.

Update 4:

?- Pretty sure it is and always will be. It's unit specific and can only be worn while assigned to an infantry unit. I'd also say that the crossed rifles are the same. I don't think one can go without the other. Anybody that's been infantry knows the blue cord is absolutely part of the uniform. Unless they weren't part of a unit long enough to have ever been in class A. Which is possible if a butter bar was dx'd soon after their arrival as a platoon leader. Which isn't that uncommon.

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    Lt. Colonel Vindman is an Infantry Officer but he isn't attached to an Infantry unit therefore he doesn't wear the Blue Cord as it is not part of the uniform in his current duty position as per AR(Army Regulation).

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    ukraine army............

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    Is the blue infantry cord still worn? Maybe officers don't wear them at that rank. Also, he wasn't assigned to a troop unit.

    EDIT: He wasn't assigned to a troop unit but he is still infantry branch.

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    French Fourragere is the term and it is not authorized.

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    I will trust that Lt. Col Vindman knows more about proper dress uniform rules than some anonymous dolt on Y!A . 

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