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Im 17, Should I still buy goosebump books?

Goosebump books are typically aimed towards younger kids but should i buy and read them as a 17 year old or should i buy something else? 

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    If you like the books, why not?  Just because you are 17 doesn't mean that you aren't allowed to continue buying and reading what you like.

  • The last time I read one of my Goosebump books, I was 21.

    I'm 29 now, but my Goosebump books still sit proudly on my shelf in numerical order.

    I wouldn't be adverse to reading one of them again one day.

    Read what you love.

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    Go for it! If that’s what you want , buy it

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    Buy what makes you happy, you're only accountable to yourself.

  • chorle
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    3 weeks ago

    I think you should also read other books but have no reason not to read Goose Bumps. I have children older than you and I would totally read Pippi Longstocking again 

  • CD
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    3 weeks ago

    why not, if you still like to read them.

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    You can read anything you want. Go for it.

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    If you enjoy the books, then enjoy the books. I have several books that are considered "children;s lit" that regularly show up on my reading (and re-reading) list. Including the Narnia novels by CS Lewis, the Wheel of Time series by Richard Jordan (which were originally released as "youth fiction") and anthing by Dr Suess.

    If you enjoy the novels, then read them.

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    You know your own mind, so why ask us?

    If you enjoy Goosebumps, read them; along with books suitable to your age and level of comprehension.

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