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How does Andrew's half brother, the 8th Earl of Carnarvon, feel about his shocking behaviour?

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    The same as Prince Andrew's other half brothers Charles, Edward and Harry - they are all appalled at both the allegations of rape and also at the lack of both compassion and remorse. 

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    The  only  one of  suspicion of having   a half  brother  in  the BRF  is  Harry    and  we all know  the  rumour  that  has been  around for   30 years   is, hes Hewitts  son

    • A masterful piece of English grammar, are you a foreigner?

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    So that's him but, he looks normal!

    • Now, now Ivy comments is not a place to air your self loathing.

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    3 weeks ago

    Andrew doesn't have a half brother troll.

    • What is a half brother troll Wankerbiker, are you referring to John?

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    3 weeks ago

    the word is "behavior". get outta here with that britfag spelling

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