Is my furnace wired with wrong color code (with pic)?

Hi, trying to install Ecobee myself. Just to realize that on my furnace panel, the green wire is at Y, but on the thermostat, the green wire is at G. Should I rewire the green wire to G from Y before proceeding with my ecobee installation? Btw, I have no cooling, it’s heating only.

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    I am inclined to say yes, but something isn't right, if you have no cooling, why do you have two cables and what the heck is the wirenut doing in there? Is your stat the left or right cable? You got something weird going on and without full explanation no advice is good advice. And what is the bottom terminal labeled? Y terminal is for cooling, if you got heat nothing should be terminated there, so it probably should be on G.  But nothing really makes sense. Initially I figured the cable on the left fed the stat, because a fan override shouldn't need a "C" wire. But If the stat is the cable on the left then the cable on the right has complete override, it requires an "on" signal from the right cable, like a hand-off-auto control. I think the stat is actually the right wire, you need to hook that blue to the "C". The cable on the left then just supplies fan override, why that needs a blue if it is just fan override is a little stretch of the imagination.

    • yishen3 weeks agoReport

      Thank you, let me just rewire the green wire to G and see how it goes

  • Marko
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    3 weeks ago

    Yes, the Green wire is G for the Fan. Yellow is Cooling.

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